The Positive Council is a specialist organization which represents the interests of people with HIV.

It has special expertise in the areas of health, law, lobbying and PR.

The Positive Council engages closely with the Swiss Aids Federation (AHS).

The opinions it expresses do not necessarily reflect those of the AHS.

The Positive Council consists of people with HIV or their relatives, or specialists who express solidarity with them.

Its members have professional or personal knowledge of and experience in the medical, care, psychosocial, political or PR spheres.

Chairman: David Haerry
Vice-Chairman: Bettina Maeschli
Secretariat: Nicole Biney

Code of Practice

The Positive Council concentrates its specialist and political work exclusively on its objectives. All activities comply with current legislation.

Its work is independent of commercial interests or the interests of individual professional groups and other political and economic organizations.

Collaboration with other businesses and institutions must always be consistent with the objectives set out here.

The Positive Council’s work must be recorded, transparent and traceable.

This extends to agreements with cooperation partners such as the pharmaceutical industry.

The Positive Council is open-minded and unprejudiced about new attitudes and approaches to research which hold out the prospect of improvements in medical care or quality of life for people who are HIV-positive.

When financial resources are provided by private individuals, companies and the public sector, the Positive Council ensures that the discontinuation of such resources will not jeopardize the Council’s continued existence.

When making decisions, the Positive Council takes account of the diversity of people with HIV and those representing their interests, and respects their varying personal backgrounds as expressed in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, social status, lifestyle and religious, ideological or political conviction.

The members of the Positive Council are bound to treat each other with respect.

Mission Statement
Positivrat Schweiz Mission Statement.pdf

Positivrat Schweiz Statuten.pdf